Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Clone Army Customs Rips off 9 year old boy

My son  ordered a custom clone on April 13, 2011 for his THIRD quarter report card from Clone Army Customs.  Tyler Page runs this site.  It is now JULY 5, 2011 and not only have we NOT RECEIVED the clone, Tyler Page of Clone Army Customs has not responded to my three emails or my invoices through Pay Pal.  It seems PayPal is uninterested in "protecting our purchase" of the clone figure as it is more than 45 days since the invoice - but Tyler Page of Clone Army Customs knows how to work the system - his general delivery date isn't until AFTER that, so you can never dispute the delivery!!  What a great scam to RUN AGAINST CHILDREN.  If he would SIMPLY reply to our emails, this would go so differently - I want my money back, sure, but I'd rather my son have the toy he chose for getting an almost PERFECT report card (way back in APRIL, dear lord, who does this sort of thing??!!).  I am hoping Tyler Page of Clone Army Customs will respond, hopefully by DELIVERING THE GOODS WE PAID FOR.


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